Community Happenings: Week Ending 7/22

Blog Post created by margarita.giraldo Employee on Jul 25, 2016

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a great start to their week. Before we dive into last week's community happenings, here's this week's fun fact: anyone who's into stargazing this fun fact is for you! On this day in 1981, Voyager 2 encountered Saturn - and to think we just started getting pictures from Jupiter in the last week or so. Amazing!


It's been a busy week in the Ciena community, which is always great news. There has definitely been an increase in questions and replies, which is great to see - keep up the good work, everyone!




Hello and welcome to our newest members of the community!

Meet  Patrick Dorn Teresa Fisher Yann Lejeune Britany Meadows


We're glad you're all here and look forward to hearing from you! We'd love to learn more about you and your role and invite you to say hello.



We want to thank all of those who participated in the Founding Member Challenge and completed all of the actions. You'll see the list of all those who qualified as a Founding Member on the bottom of Founding Member Challenge: 2016. Feel free to share your newly found expertise with the newest members as they're onboarding.



Learn how you can complete the Ready. Set. Go quest in: Ciena Community Rewards: A Guide to Actions, Missions, Quests and Levels. You can also find a tip on one action under Community Tips below.


Drum roll, please! Our most popular content for last week was:


Open Questions

We have three opportunities for you to share your knowledge and expertise and collaborate with peers and members of the Ciena team:


Visit these forums to ask your product questions or to collaborate and learn with your peers:



Community Tip

This week's tip is all about managing your inbox. The Ciena Community Inbox is all around YOU. It is where all of the activity you've published and participated on resides. In addition, it also includes shares, direct social actions and action notifications pertinent to you.


Learn more about your inbox in this About the Ciena Community guide: Working in Your Ciena Community Inbox

Find more tips and topics in: Guide to Ciena Community Forums and Topics


That’s it for this Ciena Community Happenings post this week. Have a great week and keep networking!


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