Community Happenings: Week Ending 8/12

Blog Post created by margarita.giraldo Employee on Aug 15, 2016

Happy Monday! We're midway through August today, and if you're in the American South like I am, it truly feels like the dog days of summer. Phew-I'm ready for fall! For this week's fun fact, I'm happy to share that on this day in 1914, the Panama Canal opened, creating a gateway from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Ingenuity at its finest!


Anyway, if you have any suggestions on things you'd like to see more (or less) of, please feel free to share with Margarita Giraldo or post in About the Ciena Community




Hello and welcome to our newest members of the community!

Meet Samuel Bartel, Alfred H. G. Dahl, Maud D'Agostini, Shashidhar HP, Thomas Kastner, Jeroen Krosse, Jean Philippe Krysaniac, Alfredo Lopez, paul parhum, Alan Skilowitz, Eric van Vliet, Michael Voity


We're glad you're all here and look forward to hearing from you! We'd love to learn more about you and your role and invite you to say hello.



One of our goals for this community is to encourage members to contribute -whether it's by sharing content or commenting or creating a question or document. Nitin Kalra started sharing some productivity and work tool tips (click here) in the About the Ciena Community forum. Feel free to add your comments or create your own tips - we welcome your expertise! Please contact Margarita Giraldo with any questions.


Learn how you can complete the Ready. Set. Go quest in: Ciena Community Rewards: A Guide to Actions, Missions, Quests and Levels. You can also find a tip on one action under Community Tips below.


Drum roll, please! Our most popular content for last week was:


Open Questions

We have an opportunity for you to share your knowledge and expertise and collaborate with peers and members of the Ciena team:Network Diagramming from Brett Newman regarding Visio stencils for Ciena. Respond here if you have any information.


Visit these forums to ask your product questions or to collaborate and learn with your peers:


Community Tip

This week's tip is about bookmarking content within the community. When you see a piece of content, such as a document or an answered question, that you know you’ll want to use later, you can bookmark it. Bookmarking adds a link to that content in your list of bookmarks. It’s easy to find the content again by using search or going to your bookmark’s page.


Learn more about following people in this About the Ciena Community guide: Bookmark Important Content

Find more tips and topics in: Getting Started and Guide to Ciena Community Forums and Topics


That’s it for this Ciena Community Happenings post this week. Have a great week and keep networking!


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