Community Happenings: Week Ending 4/14

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I hope you're all having a good start to the new week. Here's a highlight of what happened last week in the community, and around. 



Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to our newest members! Welcome: Manish Aggarwal, Chris AghaSivarajah Balasubramaniam, Jacob Barnard, Tim DeNike, Vijay Gupta, Tatsuyuki Ikegami, Windy Morgan, Rick Poston, Johannes Rüschel, Randy Roberts, Siafa Sherman, Dimitri Shivkov, Jeff Wilde, and Venkata Yenigalla


We're glad you're all here and look forward to hearing from you! We'd love to learn more about you and invite you to say hello at: Introduce yourself: What Ciena products do you use?


Share Your Experiences

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I Love Acronyms

Thank you to everyone that participated on our first I Love Acronyms challenge! The official meaning of CAT is: Charges, Access and Terms.


Congratulations to Darcy Buskermolen for posting the first, and only, correct answer and to Leonardo Yepez for posting the most creative answer. Shout-outs also go to Garry Peirce, Chris O'Rourke, Siafa Sherman, Mike Keim, Bob Krautner, Lise Bergeron, Jeffrey Robertson, Jeff Wilde, and Dave Doucet for participating! 


Our next acronym has just been posted and it is: 




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In Telecom News

  • The Most Effective But Least Known Data Security Approach: Sign up for this Wednesday, April 19th webinar to hear fresh insights from Patrick Scully and learn about: ultra-low-latency, wirespeed encryption solutions for highly secure transfers, protocol-agnostic security to support a variety of services. Register now and add it to your calendar on Wednesday, April 19th at 1PM ET. 
  • Software-Defined Control - Brought to You by the Letter C: SDN is an enabling technology for the network transformation, but it is not a one-size-fits-all model. Models vary based on the current and future needs of the operator, which in turn are based on the underlying network infrastructure. What is essential in all cases however, is that there exists a cohesive operational process by which customer services can be dynamically deployed end-to-end, while the network is centrally controlled with fine granularity to maintain exceptional customer experience. Multi-tier SDN control is the key. Learn more on Network insights from Maria Fiala on how the “C” in MCP is important.

  • Network, heal thyself - with analytics and AI: With the move to virtualized networks, operators need to be able to manage hybrid networks made up of physical and virtual components, and assurance must be predictive.To accomplish this, operators are beginning to use intent-based management that relies on orchestration, data analytics, policy and machine learning to autonomically provision, configure and assure their networks and the services they deliver to customers. Learn more.

  • Our education and career systems need deep changes to prepare us for digital globalization: Surviving and thriving in this new industrial revolution will require never-before-seen collaboration across governments, corporations and educational institutions. Learn more from Ciena’s Gary Smith on recode.

  • 83% of Healthcare Orgs to Invest in Telehealth, mHealth Tools: ATA data shows that healthcare executives and leaders are highly likely to invest in telehealth and related mHealth technologies. Find more on mHealth Intelligence.

  • Ten ways DevOps can change how you run your IT department: The DevOps trend is growing in popularity among enterprise IT. ZDNet shares the top benefits for business that choose to implement it.



This week, our shout-out goes to Chris O'Rourke for being the first to complete our new April 2017: What Is quest. Check out his response to what fiber deep means to his role and join the discussion at: What do you see as the biggest advantage of fiber deep?


Of The Week


I would like to start by emphasizing the importance of surfaces. It is at a surface where many of our most interesting and useful phenomena occur. We live for example on the surface of a planet. It is at a surface where the catalysis of chemical reactions occur. It is essentially at a surface of a plant that sunlight is converted to a sugar. In electronics, most if not all active circuit elements involve non-equilibrium phenomena occurring at surfaces. Much of biology is concerned with reactions at a surface.
Walter H. Brattain



Each year on the third Thursday of April, we observe National High Five Day. This Thursday, give a high five to your colleagues as you greet or pass them in the hall. Virtually, you can use #nationalhighfiveday as a way to say celebrate and say thank you.


Did You Know

Today, April 17, 2017, is the 121st Boston Marathon with more than 30,159 marathoners expected to cross the finish line. But, did you know, that the first Boston Marathon was held on April 19, 1897 and that fifteen runners started the race but only ten made it to the finish line. John J. McDermott, of New York, won the first Boston Marathon with a time of 2:55:10. 


Have a great week and keep networking! I look forward to hearing from you.