Community Happenings: Week Ending 7/14

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An overview of happened last week in and around the community. 




Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to our newest members! Welcome: Rhejee Arnasan, Bryan Balgobin, Gavin Beveridge, James Bonner, William Flanagan, Christopher Fox, Pedro Gonzalez, Alan Hoare, Paul Howard, timo hu, Jade Litcher, John Alfred Mackmaw, William Marantz, Jorge Merino, Mike Murphey, Mike Newman, scott paulsen, Stephane Rannou, Tarik Riley, Ji Shao, and Paul John Vergara


We're glad you're all here and look forward to hearing from you! We'd love to learn more about you and invite you to say hello at: Introduce yourself: What Ciena products do you use?


Share Your Experiences

Check out our open questions and share your expertise to help an industry colleague find a solution to their question: 


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I Love Acronyms


Ready to test your acronym knowledge? Great, let's go! 




To join the challenge, post what ATM represents in a comment at: I Love Acronyms: ATM Points will be awarded to all participants with the correct answer and extra points are awarded to the first correct answer and the most creative answer. Good luck!!


What Is: NFV

What is NFV? Network Functions Virtualization is an evolving network approach that enables the replacement of expensive dedicated hardware devices with software-based network appliances that run as virtual machines on industry-standard servers. Learn more and watch the What is NFV? video. Then, join the discussion and share what NFV means to your role.


  • How would you rate your organization adoption of NFV?
  • What do you see, or have you seen, as the business benefits of NFV?


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In Telecom News

  • The Road to Autonomous Networks: Learning to Thrive in a Brave New World: In the third and final installment of his three-part series (part one and part two) on the Road to Autonomous Networks, Ciena’s Joe Marsella details the benefits of detailed analytics and new applications that Our Hero can tap into now that the dream of an intelligent, self-optimizing network is a reality. Read more.
  • Teach your OTN some new packet tricks: OTN as a carrier infrastructure has taken off in the past decade for lots of good reasons. Ciena's John Hawkins explains how you can now teach your OTN network some cool packet tricks as well. Read more.
  • Busting a few myths about microservices: The topic of microservices architectures for application development is getting a lot of attention. Abel Tong from Ciena's Blue Planet team highlights some of the myths that have emerged around network operator adoption. Read more.
  • Carrier Ethernet 101: Speeds, Standards and Services: Carrier Ethernet innovation is moving at an impressive pace. Between the various industry groups and standards bodies, as well as multiple concurrent standards efforts, it’s often hard to keep up. To make sense of it all, our Carrier Ethernet guru John Hawkins gives you an overview of the speeds, standards and services associated with Carrier Ethernet. Read more.


More News:

  • 10 IT Jobs That Will Be Done by AI InformationWeek
  • Evolution of Mega Datacenters into Metro-Regional Clusters Boosts Demand for DWDM Optics LightCounting
  • Five emerging technologies for rapid digital transformation ZDNet
  • Microsoft eyes white spaces for $10B plan to bring broadband to rural users FierceWireless
  • TBR: Telcos accelerate SDN/NFV deployments Telecom Asia


Of The Week


Happy memberversary to the following members celebrating their first year in the Ciena Community: Takumi Akiyama, David Appleton, Peter Cautley, Meng Chhour, sylvain cornay, David De la Harpe Golden, Patrick Dorn, Teresa Fisher, Frank Fleming, John Fullam, Lorcan Hamill, Brian Kelly, Allan Konar, Yann Lejeune, Brent Lloyd, Miguel Lopes, Kyle Mitchell, Skip Norton, Mikhail Potapenko, Gennady Potapkov, Robin Swart, and Ana Tizon



If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough. 

Mario Andretti



Today, July 17th, is World Emoji Day because it is the the date famously displayed on the iOS calendar emoji. It is a global celebration of emojis, so join in and don’t worry about including too many emoji in your communication, you’re celebrating!! Add that unicorn, pizza, or juggler emoji today. 


Did You Know

Emojis originated on Japanese mobile phones in 1999 and created by Shigetaka Kurita. While working for NTT Domoco, Kurita designed the first 180 12 pixel-by-12-pixel symbols for the the new i-mode mobile internet platform. Today, there are now more than 2,666 official emoji governed by the Unicode Consortium. In 2015, there were just 722 emojis on the official emoji keyboard. Emojis were commonly adopted in 2011 with their inclusion in global mobile operating systems, and the first international Emojicon conference was held in San Francisco, California on November 4, 2016. Here are seven facts about emojis to help you celebrate.  


Have a great week and keep networking! I look forward to hearing from you.