Network Professionals: It's Time for Networking Summer Camp

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on Jul 18, 2017

This article was first published on Web-scale Networking by Maurice Nagle.


The sun is shining, the kids are out of school and summer is officially underway. So, as you prep the little ones for camp, know it’s not just them that should pack bug spray, sun block and plenty of clean underwear! Ciena is offering networking professionals a chance to enjoy summer camp, as well. The time has come to register for Packet Networking Summer Camp 2017


This year’s Packet Networking Summer Camp 2017 touts a four webinar series running from July 25 through August 3, and is sure to rock your networking world. The series and jam out will cover all the bleeding edge topics currently piquing curiosity, engaging attendees with experts showcasing what to expect and how to have your packet networking deployment playing in tune.


The series kicks off on July 25 with “Video killed the radio star. 5G transport to the rescue,” a session hosted by Ciena specialist Brian Lavallee, which walks attendees through the prep work necessary to ensure their transport network is up to the challenge of 5G. And with the promise of 5G comes the expectation of billions of videos – don’t let video kill the radio star.


Next up in the lineup comes “Wait a minute. Latency matters.” This session is hosted by Ciena’s John Hawkins and will kick off on July 27. Hawkins will riff on latency, answering questions like, “What does low latency mean to you?” and exploring capacity, fast talking sales guys and instant gratification in the modern networking world. This Q&A session is a must attend.


Sometimes in life the writing on the wall is impossible to miss. And with relationships, at some point it becomes crystal clear that it’s time for a new start. “Breaking up is hard to do. Moving on from TDM,” hosted by Pamela Morgan and taking place on August 1, will illustrate why it’s time to end things with that TDM network and move toward a more modern networking approach. The sooner you dump the zero and get with the hero, then improved responsiveness, lower costs and a sustainable packet network are not far off.


In a world where the need for speed is growing at a somewhat alarming rate, the next session, “Highway to the danger zone. 400G need for speed,” on August 3 will take attendees on a fast paced thrill ride with updates on services, standards and speed required to deliver Carrier Ethernet and take performance to new heights. John Hawkins has the answers you seek to attain a faster, reliable and high performing network.


Attend all four sessions and receive a fan club gift. Remember, all skill levels are more than welcome to attend; enroll now to be a part of the next generation in networking.


So while the kids are away, the networking adults get to play! See you there!