New Customer Service Center Login and Registration FAQ

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on Aug 16, 2017

As of Wednesday, August 30, 2017, login and registration to the Ciena Community will change. Logging in to the Ciena Community will now support the Ciena Customer Service Center users and all users that meet one or more of the following access criteria for the Ciena Customer Service Center:


  • Employee of a direct Ciena customers with one or more purchase orders on file with Ciena 
  • Customer who has purchased Ciena equipment through an authorized reseller and have a direct service agreement with Ciena as a part of that purchase
  • Employee of an authorized reseller partner of Ciena 
  • Employee of an authorized maintenance (service) partner of Ciena 
  • Employee of a partner of Ciena 


If you do not meet one or more of the above criteria, your login remains the same on the community. 


The following are top frequently asked questions that we'll continue to update as we introduce the new login and receive question, so please check back for additional information. Should you have additional questions, please ask in the comments. For account specific questions, please contact us directly




Q: What is the Customer Service Center?

A: For Ciena customers and partners, the Customer Service Center is a secure extranet service that provides 24/7 access to support, information and tools needed to deploy and operate Ciena products. Learn more.


Q: What are the benefits of integrating the Ciena Community to the Customer Service Center for my account?
A: By integrating, you can enjoy the convenience of having only one account across your main Ciena support platforms. As you're in the community asking peers for insights, guidances and recommendations based on their experiences or sharing your experiences to help a peer, you can easily move to the Customer Service Center to view technical documentation, download software, or view the status of a recently open case.



Q: I have a Customer Service Center and Ciena Community account, how does my login change?
A: Going forward, you’ll use your Customer Service Center credentials to log in to the Ciena Community.


Q: I have a Customer Service Center account, but don’t have a Ciena Community account. How do I register for a Ciena Community account?
A: Log in to the Ciena Community by selecting the Customers, Partners, and Employees option. On your first login, you'll be asked to enter a community username (ChangeMe will appear by default). Next, you'll want to complete your community profile by uploading an avatar photo.


Q: Should I use my email as my Ciena Community username?
A: No, for security and privacy, we highly advise against using your email as your username. However, you can still use your email address as the source for your username. Instead of using the full email address, remove the “” portion. If you’ve used your email address as your username and would like to change it, please contact us.


Q: I’m an employee of a Ciena customer and partner, but I don’t have a Customer Service Center account. What do I need to do?
A: You’re welcome, and we encourage you, to register and create an account on the Customer Service Center, but it’s not necessary. You can continue using the Ciena Community by logging in as a User and Guest.


Q: My Ciena Community account uses my personal email, but I have a Customer Service Center account with my employer email. What should I do?
A: We highly recommend merging your accounts to avoid having two accounts in the community. To merge your accounts, log in to the Ceina Community and change the email address to the one used within the Customer Service Center. Steps on how to update your community profile. 


Q: I don’t meet one of the Customer Service Center criteria, but I’d like access. What should I do?
A: You must meet at least one of the member criteria to receive access Customer Service Center. However, you’re welcome to continue using, or creating, a Ciena Community profile to ask questions, share knowledge, and connect with industry colleagues and Ciena SMEs.

Q: I am a Ciena employee. Where I can get Ciena Community registration and login help?
A: Ciena employees that were already members of the Ciena Community, just need to log in as Customers, Partners and Employees and use your Ciena credentials. Please refer to the New Customer Service Center Login and Registration FAQ for Employees on the Ciena employee portal for additional information. You're also welcome to contact us



Q: How can I change my Ciena Community username?
A: To change your Ciena Community username, please contact the Ciena Community team.


Q: I’ve changed roles, company and/or email addresses. How can I update these profile fields?
A: To change your First Name, Last Name and Email address, please submit a request to the Customer Service Center team.


Q: I’ve changed companies, should I update my existing community account or create a new one?
A: We highly encourage you to update an existing account vs. creating a new one as it provides the benefits of maintaining and accessing your current account content, notifications, points and connections. We cannot move settings, content, connections or points to a new account. To request that your current Customer Service Center account be updated, please submit a request to the Customer Service Center team.


However, please note that as you update your existing account, membership in specific forums and groups may be revoked and a request submitted with your new profile information. 


Q: I forgot my username and password. Where can I retrieve or reset them?
A: If you’re a customer, partner and employee, you’ll reset your password on the Customer Service Center. If you’re a user or guest, you’ll reset your password on the Ciena Community. All members of the community can retrieve their username on the Ciena Community.


Q: Where can I get login support for the Ciena Community?
A: For login support, please visit the Ciena Community Login Support resource. If you have additional questions or support needs, please contact the Ciena Community team.



The site maintenance was originally communicated as August 23, 2017.