Featured Photo: Marc Cadieux, Canada

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on Sep 8, 2017

We're delighted to introduce a new blog series that shares the stories of the people you see in all of the photos on the community. All of the photos in the community are a moment featuring or captured by a Ciena employee. It's true!! 


Every other week, we'll share a new moment to introduce you to the person behind the photo and share a little of their story to help you get to know the Ciena global team and make connections. 


Our first moment is currently featured prominently on our brand, new community homepage!! (If you haven't seen the new homepage, check it out - we're pretty excited about it.) Get to the know the person and their story below:


What is your name? 

Marc Cadieux


What is your role at Ciena? 

Senior Associate, Marketing Operations with a focus on marketing analytics. 


Where do you live? 



Where are you in your photo? 

Big Bend Park, Texas 


What is the story of your picture? 

This was taken at the top of the Santa Elena trail in Big Bend National Park. The “river” that you see is the Rio Grand that borders the United States and Mexico. Cory Reed, Wayne Snyder, Chinedu Mkpuluma and I had taken a trip to southern Texas to camp out in the high desert and took in a couple of trails. This trail was one of the more significant ones as it had 1,500 ft. high canyon walls with the Rio Grand situated right in the middle of them. I could tell you that Cory’s hat flew off his head and in a very heroic effort, I shimmied my way down the cliff to retrieve it and return it to a very happy Cory.




Have you been to Big Bend National Park? Did you also shimmy down the cliff in a heroic effort to save a colleague’s hat? Have questions for Marc about his experience? You’re welcome to ask or share in the comments.