Featured Photo: Christophe Lemort, France

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on Sep 19, 2017

Our second featured photo comes to us from Christophe in France. Get to know Christophe a bit more and learn the story behind the photo he titles: Elphinstone Reef a Myth.


What is your name?

Christophe Lemort


What is your role at Ciena? 

Senior Services Program Manager


Where do you live? 



Where are you in your photo?

Egypt - Elphinstone Reef


What is the story behind your photo?

This picture was taken during a cruise in Egypt with a few friends from my scuba diving club. The reason I call this reef a myth is because it took me three cruises to finally see it. We tried diving to that site on previous cruises, but because of conditions, organization or boat problems, we didn't. Hence, the Elphinstone Reef was for me and my friends a myth. The third time though, we finally did it and took this selfie at neg 60m. The beauty of that dive was on the ascent at 5m depth where we were lucky to meet a longimanus shark during 10-15mn. It was an amazing dive and experience demonstrating patience and not giving up make positive things happen.





Do you dive? Have you been to the Elphinstone reef? Where is your favorite place to dive? Share your stories and experiences in the comments, or ask Christophe additional questions about his experience.