Featured Photo: Sagar Rathod, North America

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on Nov 29, 2017

We have a new story about an awestruck photo featured in our Z-Series forum. It features, and was submitted by, Sagar Rathod, a member of Ciena's Software Engineering team. Learn more about Sagar and his photo: 


What is your name? 

Sagar Rathod


What is your role at Ciena?

Software Engineer


Where do you live? 

North America


Where are you in your photo? 

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


What is the story behind your photo?

This awestruck picture was taken during my visit to Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, USA. This spot was a climax of our long road-trip that four of us started from California (1300 kms away). We were already exhausted from our long journey, and to reach this scenic spot we still had to hike 1km on a rough hill. The moment we saw this scenery all the tiredness was vanished. The beauty of the green water flowing around red rocks of canyon was flawless. We sat on the edge of the canyon for a long time admiring every rock cutting. This pic is one of the many pics we took from different parts of the bend. We will always remember this place as a calming and a serene experience that we have ever seen in our life.



Thank you for sharing your photo and story, Sagar! 


Have you been to this location in the Grand Canyon? Share your stories in the comments.