2017: Ciena Community by the Numbers

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on Jan 17, 2018

2017 already starts off as a pretty impressive year as we celebrated the first year of the community in May, but here is a sample of some of the other amazing accomplishments by numbers. We also have a summary of your most popular forums and threads and a shout out to members that stood out in helping support the community.


It's great to have you all here, thank you being a member. I look forward to getting to know you all a little bit better and hearing from you more, or maybe even for the first time.  



A look back at the year by the numbers for the community overall and then by ask, share, connect and develop.  



  • 1,200 new members
  • 700,000 views of forums and content
  • 1,200 pieces of content created



  • 250 new questions asked
  • 600 responses posted to questions marked at helpful or correct to identify a solution
  • 140,000 views of questions with a solution 



  • 2,200 comments posted on questions, documents, and more to share knowledge and expertise
  • 2,000 likes to content



  • 800 connections made between members through follow
  • 16 introductions... it's never too late to say hello and introduce yourself
  • 450 one year memberversaries celebrated 
  • 16 telecom acronyms in our I Love Acronyms challenge



Blue Planet DevOps Exchange (learn how to join) by the numbers: 

  • 2,000 members 
  • 113 develop resources published
  • 300 Blue Planet DevOps Toolkit and Evaluation Edition downloads 
  • 27 RAs published
  • 95 questions asked 



A breakdown of the most popular forums of the year by your views and follows. 


Top forums by views

  1. Packet Networking
  2. 6500
  3. Optical Transport
  4. Z-Series
  5. Network Management


View all community forums and topics. 


Top forums by follows

  1. 6500
  2. Packet Networking
  3. Optical Transport
  4. Blue Planet DevOps Exchange (learn how to join)
  5. Z-Series 


Find your forum and follow it.  


Now, your most popular threads throughout the community by views, comments and likes. 


Most popular threads by views

  1. When configuring traffic profiling, what formula do you use to calculate PIR, CBS,and EBS?
  2. 3930 Vlan configuration guide
  3. This is a question concerning Trap Events generated via 'port disable/port enable' on port 3/1 of a 4-port LAG on a CN5150.


Most popular threads by comments

  1. Trunk port Configuration
  2. Pass IP address of OME6500 to Site Manager (Windows)
  3. G.8032 failed to reroute


Most popular threads by likes

  1. G.8032 failed to reroute
  2. After firmware Upgrade, 10G optic not unrecognized?
  3. Trunk port Configuration



My favorite part of the community now, you, our members! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that has helped support the community whether it has been by asking a question, sharing a tip, or helping answer a question. Here we're recognizing all of the members that helped answer a question in 2017, thank you... 


Frederick Valcho, Chelsi Doyle, Phil Meyerson, Edward Weltin, Vladimir Kiesner, Andrew Duffy, Rüdiger Michl, Juri Pfeifer, Austin Carr, Tony Ross, Robert Jacobs, Chris O'Rourke, Darran Howkins, Vladimir Vedeneev, Ben Warfield, Klaus Samardzic, Bill McFetridge, Rafael Molina, Bradley Matteson, Jeremy Johnson, Jeff Wilde, Simon Andrews, vincent knott, Mike Keim, Kazi Tanvir Ahamed, Jorge Aquino, John Boyce, Rich Ortiz, Jade Litcher, Kendal Ingraham, Cyril Avila, john schroeder, Michael Pauken, Garret Peirce, and ABDUL RAVOOF


It's been awesome working with all of you!! 



We welcome you to reflect on your year too by sharing your proudest moments of 2017, and look ahead to the new year and share your goals for 2018