Community Happenings: Learning, Photonic Layer, 6500, SLM & More

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on Feb 5, 2018

Happy Monday Ciena Community, it’s an exciting week!! Today, we're excited to introduce the 52 Weeks of Learning Challenge where 12 members will have a chance to win a one-year subscription to the new Ciena Learning Develop Series to build their Packet-Optical, Packet, and Software skills this year.


But that's not all, today, we're also excited to introduce the Learning forum to the community. The new forum is a place for you to ask questions, get answers, share feedback, and receive updates, tips and tools from the Ciena Learning team. You can follow it at: Learning. While there, we also invite you to learn more and share what topics you’re most interesting in hearing about with the team at: Welcome to Ciena Learning!


Now, here is your overview of happenings around the community last week. Please join us in welcoming our new members and celebrating others on their one year memberversary this week.




Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to our newest members! Welcome: Robert Bellinger, Jonathan Baker, Alain Brunet, Steven Busby, John Cuckovich, Anthony Feliciano, EDWARD FERNANDEZ, Daniel Hernandez, mickael JEZEQUEL, Talal Khalil, Janani Knr, Ben Kolbe, Bob Krautner, Mitchell Lewis, John O'Neil, VARUN REDDY PAPIREDDY, Narongdech Promkoed, Pratheeba R, Janani ravichandar, Kerri Snow, Minh Tri Tran, Paul Wright, and Vinayak Ramavath


We're glad you're here and look forward to hearing from you! Introduce yourself: What Ciena products do you use?


Our most popular questions based on your views, and other noteworthy discussions, events, and more:


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Of The Week


Happy memberversary to the following members celebrating their first year in the Ciena Community: 竹中 康人, Russell Barber, Don Barclay, JD Bogart, Rob Cohen, arthur derks, Cody Fant, Bryant Gaines, FERNANDO GONZALEZ, Ron Hebert, peter kiratu, Miguel Masache, George Morales, Christopher Olsen, Mehul Patel, Todd Shreve, Emma Wang, Scott Wofford, and coco wu



Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. 

Ryunosuke Satoro



Drumbeat, please!!! We officially have our first acronym of 2018, and it’s part of our new 52 Weeks of Learning Challenge:




Join the challenge and share what SLM means in telecom at: I Love Acronyms: SLM.



Wednesday, February 7th is National Send a Card to a Friend Day. Observed annually on the February 7th, it is a day to send friends we’ve been thinking about, or haven’t talked to in a while, a card (or message on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to let them know that we’re thinking of them. This week, set aside a few minutes to send a note (handwritten or typed) and make a friend's day. I know I have a few friends that I need to catch up, and will use this day as a reminder to reach out. 


Did You Know

It seems like it’s been around much, much, much longer, but 14 years ago on February 4, 2004, Thefacebook was launched. The name was later changed to Facebook and it wasn’t until September 26, 2006 that Facebook was open to everyone at least 13 years old with a valid email address. Fast forward to today, there are nearly 2.1 billion monthly active users, 1.6 billion people on average log in to Facebook on their mobile device daily, the like button has been pressed 1.13 trillion times, and 55 million status updates are posted every day (source)


Have a great week and keep networking!