Community Happenings: This Week I Learned, New Optical Technologies, 3930, HQoS, & More

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on Mar 5, 2018

Happy Monday!! What did you learn last week? Pass on what you've learned to others in the community whether it be large or small and join Chelsi, Kendal, and Casey at This Week I Learned: Mar 2nd. You're even welcome to share an up update on your hobby. Casey is starting a new one after receiving a Gin Infusion Kit, and we can't wait to hear how it goes.    


Here is your overview of happenings around the community for last week. Please join us in welcoming new members, celebrating others on their one-year memberversary, and sharing your experiences on discussions and questions:



Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to our newest members! Welcome: Mahmoud Abdelaziz, Abu bakr, George Brown, Greg Fowler, Angela Hale, James Hilton, Jonathan Jeffers, Andreas Kloor, Jon Livingston, Mohd Khairul Manab, Jerid Muszynski, Shrey Sharma, Alex Tam, and Ian Underwood


We're glad you're here and look forward to hearing from you! What is your favorite engineering joke?


Our most popular questions based on your views, and other noteworthy discussions, events, and more:


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Of The Week


Happy memberversary to the following members celebrating their first year in the Ciena Community: Mohammad Aldabel, Saul Bejarano, karpagam chandran, Vladimir Chernyshev, Mark Dalglish, Bryan Dixon, Herve DUBOIS, Jodi Eichelberger, Keith Gallooway, Alan Gardner, Youssef Hassan, Kevin Hurdle, FRANK INGRAM, Asif Iqbal, Steve Juris, Dean Liauw, Michael McPadden, hariharakumar rayapaneni, Kalanidhi Subramanian, Heidi Westbrook, Jihwan Yuk, and shah zam.



The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.

Oscar Wilde 





Share what HQoS means in telecom and join the 52 Weeks of Learning Challenge at: I Love Acronyms: HQoS



This upcoming Friday is a National Get Over It Day. Celebrate every year on March 9th, it perfectly lands on a Friday this week and is a great way to enter the weekend, getting over everything that happened during the week and starting the weekend without thinking of that email that didn't get sent, the upgrade that may have not gone perfectly, or the million and one things that are still on your punch list. Get over it on Friday to be mentally prepared to work it on Monday.  


Did You Know

On March 5, 1975, the Homebrew Computer Club held its first meeting. An early computer hobbyist group in Silicon Valley started by Gordon French and Fred Moore, the Homebrew Computer Club members met from March 5, 1975 to December 1986 to get together and work on making computers more accessible to everyone. The open exchange of ideas from its biweekly meetings and the club newsletter helped launch the personal computer revolution. Members included Steve Wozniak (Apple), Harry Garland and Roger Melen (Cromemco), and Bob Marsh (Processor Technology).


Have a great week and keep networking!