Community Happenings: Welcome, Service Portal User Group, RFC2544 Test, OM6500 & OM3500 with Windows 10, & More

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on May 21, 2018

Welcome to all the new members of the community, we're glad to have you here! I believe we can officially say we have a record for new members in one week. As a brief introduction to the Ciena Community, it is a place for you to ask questions, get answers, share your experiences and feedback, access developer resources, and explore new techniques and topics with industry peers and Ciena SMEs. You can find a guide to our community forums and topics, here, and can introduce yourself, here. We all look forward to hearing from you! 


For all our new Ciena service portal,, users, our featured quest of the day is:

Quest #5: Find a 6500 course on the Course Calendar


Complete it and share your feedback on the new experience with us. Browse all quests to complete them.


Now, here is your overview of happenings around the community for last week. Please join us in welcoming new members, celebrating others on their one-year memberversary, and sharing your experiences on discussions and questions:



Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to our newest members! Welcome: Shuya Abekawa, Jayson Jan Adricula, sultan ahmed, Ahmed alkharrza, James Allen, Hector Amaya, Anupama Aravindakshan Menon, Roger Baas, Tim Barham, Douglas Billard, Matt Blackburn, Tim Boldt, Mike Bowman, Michael Brinkley, Oswaldo Campos, Ed Carey, Peter Cartledge, Wilson Chaves, Rahul Chopra, Tony Cimino, Mitchell Clouatre, frederic Cloux, Elijah Coleman, Jim Coll, Juan Cotrina, Ryan Cottle, Zach Crawford, Daniel Cury, Geoff Dams, Pawel Darowski, david davies, Douglas Denny, Guy DuBoice, Thomas Duhr, Martin Dunmore, Benno Eggenschwiler, waled elbokari, Markus Enders, Dan Erickson, peter finn, Steve Finucane, Joshua FOSTER, Janet Gaedke, jennifer gilliland, Israel Gonzalez, Ryan Grammon, Brian Hart, Stanley Hawthorne, Justin Hay, Kirk Hobbs, Todd Holleman, Dave Hyman, Hessel Idzenga, John Innes, John Jackson, David John, Evan Jones, John King, David Koehler, Herbert Kraus, Michael Lamborn, Ed Laster, Raynald Le Monnier, Sira Limchareon, Neng Liu, Bruno Lucas, Dennis Ma, edgar madrid, Shakil Mahmud, Joe Maljevac, Bryan Massey, Brian Mayfield, Md Emran Mazumder, Mark Miller, Alexandre Mitsugui, Scott Morgan, Martin Morgenroth, JJ Moss, CHANDRA MOULI B, Amanda Murray, Amol Nawar, Carson Nguyen, Kenneth Norton, Sean OConnor, Maxime Ohmann, Adam O'Reilly, Francisco Orta, Samir Osman, Kazunao Ota, Ali Pakdaman, Mohammed Panjwani, Kiran Patel, Paul Phillips, Ramirez Ricardo, Stefano Ravera, MALCOLM REED, Edward Rendon, Ariel Rios, Ian Roca, Hector Roldan Salmeron, Jared Romero, Juergen Roth, Arnold Salazar, Omar Salome, Sheldon Sanders, Stephen Schneider, Thomas Schneller, Andy Scholes, Karthikesh Shankara Rao, Atul kumar Sharma, Cindy Shaver, Alice Shelton, KAUSHLENDRA SINGH, Danny Smith, Sean Smith, bobby smith, saleh sneed, Anurag Srivastava, Nenad Stanic, Lee Staton, ralph stutzman, ko takatsuki, Brandon Tallman, Michael Taylor, Yash Thadhani, Jaroslav Tomsu, Tyrel Torgerson, Rehmat Ullah, Kumaravel V, Igor Vasilkovski, Amarjeet Virdi, shailendra wagh, John-Robert Walton, William Weaver, Iain Webster, Lenar Whitney, Chris Wierzel, Chet Williams, Bryan Williams, Brady Woody, and Daniel Zipper


We're glad you're here and and invite you to join us and share something you learned in the last week with the community to pass on the knowledge: This Week I Learned: May 18th


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Of The Week


Happy memberversary to the following members celebrating their first year in the Ciena Community: Ali Al Masadeh, nelly atoche, Ivan Bonato, Jeff Cook, Austin Davis, Shawn Erdmann, Jeff Franckhauser, Gianardo Franco, Peter Krüger, ZILI LIU, Vaibhav Marathey, Andy Newcomb, Peter Ojala, John Stauffenberg, Sean Wang, and Joe Witts




When was ever honey made with one bee in a hive?

Thomas Hood





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Okay, this really isn't a day, but it's close. May is National Get Caught Reading Month. It is a month dedicated to promoting the fun of reading books at all ages and started in 1999 by the Association of American Publishers. What would be caught reading right now? 


Did You Know

This Friday, May 25th, in 1977, the motion picture Star Wars was released in thirty-two US theaters becoming the first blockbuster in history.    


Have a great week and keep networking!