Community Happenings: Upgrading 3904, Virtual Rings, Throughput CLI Commands, 5160 Ports, & More

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Happy Monday! 

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Hello and Welcome

Please join us in welcoming our newest members to the Ciena Community! Welcome:Robert AboeyBrian AlvarinoMatthew AmyJason ArritolaTodd BenevidesMackenzie CarterNeha ChatrathDante Dela CruzKris DriessensNguyen Duc Lamcyrille epeeali farahatAlex GodwinJannik HasselMonica HendersonCate Hesserrobin howettMurshid JahangirGaurav JainRohit KathuriaJordan KoenigJerome LAFITTESubhan MalickVarun MarkandeFrederick MelendezSuriya NarayananKenton NicholsonOrven OrividaDAN ORZECHDeborah PaquierEjaz RaheemVinay RavishankarLarry RobinsonKevin RodriguezPhilippe RoquinHansPeter SchlatterGreen SinghOriana SoccaliJoseph SoraceKurt SwansonLuis VazJaroslav VejsSudha VermaChanalu ViswanathHa Le VoGuenther WeigandJason Winter


We're so glad to have you and would like to extend an invitation to share something about yourself and your favorite Ciena products, as well as learn more about other members of the community on our Introduce yourself thread!


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Don't forget to check out our new Service Ideas theme too: Augmented Reality (AR) in Ciena's Service portfolio



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Of The Week


Happy memberversary to the following members celebrating their first year in the Ciena Community: Ahmed AbumazwedSultan AhmedMehdi BADAOUIJeff BurgessClyde CabreraDaniel ClaybaughCorry CordesCraig DebbisiAlfred FuentesJorge Orlando Garcia LozanoAshok HindochaEric MiedemaNordine QuadarOlivier Rossant




Education is the movement from darkness to light.

Allan Bloom


Shed some light on a new or interesting topic! Be sure to visit this week's This Week I Learned: June 8th thread to share what you've learned in the past week and read up on interesting tidbits from other members of the Ciena Community!




Do you know what C-RAN means in telecom? Visit and participate in this week's new ILA (I Love Acronyms) thread to share what you think C-RAN means in telecom.  For more content and activities like this be sure to check out the 52 Weeks of Learning Homepage.


You'll also be entered for a chance to win a one-year subscription to the Ciena Learning Develop Series – more than 75 courses on Packet-Optical, Packet and Software.   



This Wednesday, June 13th is National Acts of Random Light Day. Started as a part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night Walks fundraising campaign, this day is dedicated to encouraging random acts of kindness to brighten the lives of those around you, because you never know what hardships someone may be working to overcome. Share in the comments below how you have brought a little light to someone's day, or how someone has surprised you with a random act of light!


Did You Know

Did you know that 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Netflix's DVD rental services? While most of the focus nowadays is on stream-able, on-demand content, the vast selection of over 100k DVD's widely overshadows the 5,600+ titles available for streaming. DVD rentals also made an impressive $56M profit on $99M revenue in quarter one, however in the past 20 years, the number of DVD distribution centers has decreased from 50 to 17. This year, Netflix streaming via the internet turned only 11 years old, though for obvious reasons, shows more promising signs for accelerated future growth.


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