Community Happenings: ECC, CN4200, Command Files, & More

Blog Post created by kupdike Employee on Jul 2, 2018

Happy Monday, and welcome to July! We're excited to share another update of what's been going on in the community over the last week.


We would also like to invite you to help us welcome new members, celebrate those with one-year memberversaries, and join the conversation with a new question, idea, like, comment, follow, or vote. Have a great week! 



Hello and Welcome

Please join us in welcoming our newest members to the Ciena Community! Welcome: Hazem Amara, umair ashraf, Ifzal Bashir, Patrick Blondiau, Carlos Davila, Matt Dunlop, Abouagela Esarwi, Anson Foster, Simon Ho, Timo Holstila, danny Horassi, Grant Jackson, Fredrik Jonsson, Marcin Kapturski, Mick Keeble, Oleg Klimovskiy, Eduardo López Liddelow, Jacob Leithman, Julio Luna, Abhishek Makkar, Gary Maners, Scott Manjourides, Trevor Marwick, Sachin Mokashi, Chad Myers, Joe O'Dell, sam olatunji, Amit Panda, Sebastien Peterson, Sebastien Peterson, Brooks Price, Nolan Randall, Diogo Rigonato, Manuel Rodriguez, Norma Rodriguez, Emilio Rojas, James Ruggles, Rohit Sharma, patrick thoms, and aaron welch.


We're so glad to have you and would like to extend an invitation to share something about yourself and your favorite Ciena products, as well as learn more about other members of the community on our introduce yourself thread!


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Of The Week


Happy memberversary to the following members celebrating their first year in the Ciena Community: Jean-Pierre Bocahu, John Bond, Efflam Castel, Damien Chuet, NOC Citycom, jose manuel de arce, 宏 菊田, Mazi Fayazfar, Javier Garcia, Laurent GONET, Paul Hunter, Larry Kemp, Alexey Lagunov, Nicolas Legaud, Jianfeng Liu, Kevin Lloyd, NADIA MONTALVO, Destinée MOUSSOUNGOU, Konstantin Muhachev, Axel Schalt, Antoine Soubigou, Tomasz Wasilewski, and Ming Zhou.



The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.

Mark Twain




Do you know what ECC means in telecom? Visit and participate in this week's new ILA (I Love Acronyms)  thread to share what you think ECC means in telecom.  For more content and activities like this be sure to check out the 52 Weeks of Learning Homepage.


You'll also be entered for a chance to win a one-year subscription to the Ciena Learning Develop Series – more than 75 courses on Packet-Optical, Packet and Software.  



Yesterday, July 1st, was National Postal Worker Day. In this day and age, and especially in networking, It's easy to forget how information is communicated outside of the electronic world. The estimated 490,000 postal workers in the United States, however, have some of the most unfavorable working conditions of any profession. Postal workers walk an average of 4 to 8 miles a day, six days a week, carrying full loads of letters, magazines, and packages. They are often also required to work through extreme temperatures and weather conditions. While this national observance is over until next year, we celebrate any opportunity to appreciate our community postal workers and all the hard work they do to keep us connected to one another.


Did You Know

65 years ago, today, in 1953, IMB announced the 650 Computer series, the world's first mass-produced computer. Information in the first 650 computer was stored on a rotating magnetic drum and was programmed in conjunction with punch cards to receive and translate data. This bi-quinary computer's memory could store numbers up to 10 decimal digits. 


Have a great week and keep networking!