Let's Welcome Our Inaugural ACEs

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on Jul 11, 2018

In April, we received nominations from passionate members of the Ciena Community, while influencers within the industry were hand selected to join our new, elite Ciena Community ACE (a Ciena expert) program. After the Ciena Community ACE Nomination Committee1 evaluated, discussed, and selected nominations and our regional leadership teams made their selections, 36 experts from around the world have been awarded the title of ACE based on their product and industry expertise, passion, and leadership.

The Ciena Community ACE program was created to recognize network professionals who have a passion for learning, sharing knowledge and helping others, and have invested time in our online and offline community. Throughout the 12-month term, ACEs will continue to share their personal experiences, knowledge, and best practices on technologies and join us in designing the future of how we collaborate, innovate, and solve challenges together.


Meet Our 2018 - 2019 ACE Class

We’re super excited to introduce you to our inaugural ACE class to you, so please help us in welcoming our 2018 – 2019 ACEs. 


  1. Dmitry Amelichkin
  2. Andrey Antropov
  3. Sam Boodaghians
  4. Dean Campbell
  5. Brian Cunningham
  6. Christian Dertina
  7. Chelsi Doyle
  8. Valentin Ene
  9. Tom Engels
  10. Tina Fisk
  11. Virginia Gonzalez
  12. Dao Hong
  13. Kendal Ingraham
  14. Brian Johnson 
  15. Isaac Kim
  16. Werner Kuschke
  17. Leandro Milocco
  18. Maximiliano Moressi
  19. Robert Neupert
  20. Igor Oldrini de Souza
  21. Chris O'Rourke
  22. Michael Ososke
  23. Stephen Ouellette
  24. Tony Parker
  25. Juri Pfeifer
  26. James Ray
  27. Hector Rojo
  28. klaus Samardzic
  29. shaden shorrosh
  30. Lyle Smith
  31. Christian Soria
  32. peter southwick
  33. Alexander Uglov
  34. Dilminder Virk
  35. Joost Witlox
  36. Evgeny Zykov


You’ll begin seeing and hearing more from our ACEs as we roll out the program, while we’ll also share ACE Spotlights for you to get to know everyone a bit more and begin making connections. You can find our first spotlight at: ACE Spotlight: Chelsi Doyle

THANK YOU in advance to each and every one of our ACE for their product and industry expertise, passion for learning and sharing, and leadership throughout this Ciena community. You’re making history!


Learn more about the Ciena Community ACE program.




1 The Ciena Community ACE Nomination Review Committee is a cross-functional team consisting of members from Ciena’s product line management, system engineers, partner, learning and community teams.