ACE Spotlight: Leandro Milocco

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on Aug 15, 2018

This week, I’m pleased to introduce you all to Leandro Milocco, a Ciena Community ACE. Leandro has been in the networking industry for 17 years with a focus on DWDM the last 8. He's proud of his recent efforts in learning DWDM with Corestream, 4200, and 6500 and is most looking forward to learning about Blue Planet. I’m sure many of us can relate to this too (I know I can!), but he starts his day with coffee, a little more coffee, and even more coffee AND our passion for discussing our work sometimes bores our family.  


You can connect with Leandro and see some of most recent contributions to the community on his profile.


Learn more about Leandro in his interview and ask him more about his experience with 4200 and 6500:


What is your current role? How did you get started in the industry? 

Well, my current role is difficult to explain but we could say that I am in pre-sale and post-sale.
I started networking 17 years ago and in the last 8 years, I’ve worked with DWDM.


What are your favorite sources of information to do your job?
My favorite sources are the clients and their strange problems or requirements!!


What projects, or initiatives, are you looking forward to working, or you’re most proud of accomplishing?

In my last years I have acquired a great knowledge in DWDM with Corestream, 4200 and 6500 equipment. Now my challenge is to understand Blue Planet and specialize in that.


If we ask your friends and family, what would they say you do at work?

It's better not to ask them! they will say that I am crazy and they will only say that I work on the Internet, it is difficult to explain what I work! When I want to explain they get bored right away and they do not understand my passion!


What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?

Coffee, coffee and!


What should Ciena Community members ask you about?

In my work we deploy and maintain Service Providers networks, they have networks of 4200 and 6500 devices, we work with banks with encryption cards and 1C and MCP.