Blue Planet Hackathon Aspirational Award goes to...

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on Sep 6, 2018

 the Synchromedia team. 


In today’s networks, survival of the fittest means survival of the most adaptive. In Atlanta this past June 18th – 22nd, Ciena partnered with customers and partners during the exclusive Blue Planet Hackathon to tackle one of your biggest challenges: network complexity. Attendees had the chance to collaborate with Blue Planet experts, network with peers, and improve their developments skills.


One team had ambitious goals of tackling all the next generation network needs in one week:

  • PCE
  • Closed loop automation
  • Analytics
  • Machine learning
  • TAPI
  • RA development


So, we ask that you please join us in congratulating the Synchromedia team (University of Quebec's Ecole de technology superieure) for winning the Blue Planet Hackathon Aspirational Award.


The team led by Kim Khoa Nguyen, Assistant Professor at the ETS Montreal, has achieved the development of resource adapters for the multi-layer multi-domain network orchestrator deployed in the TELUS network. The resource adapters extract data in real-time from L0, L1, and L2, as well as from the boundary links between layers, to visualize a multi-layer network topology, and control network elements. Synchromedia team members included Ana Carilina Riekstin and Tara Nath Subedi.


Ask the Synchromedia team your questions regarding their ambitious goals and accomplishments in the comments below.


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