Join Us in Celebrating: Online Learning

Blog Post created by kupdike Employee on Sep 12, 2018

Co-writer: Kendal Ingraham


Did you know this Saturday, September 15th, is National Online Learning Day?


I bet you learned that online. With technology and high-speed internet, the norm in today’s world, no wonder there’s a day dedicated to celebrating online learning!


What’s the first thing you do with your cell phone now when you have a question? “Hey, Google…” “Siri…”


What would we do if we didn’t have the answers at our fingertips? More and more we will never know the days of wondering about something until you could get to the library, call a professional for their input, or even go home to plug in the modem.


Recent years have seen an explosion in online degree and certification programs, in place of the traditional classroom.1 I believe the driver behind this trend is twofold, time and money. To make a living or even determine what you want to do for a living, you learn. Once you find what you want to do for a living, online learning provides the flexibility to continue to hone your skills and knowledge.


Here, in the Ciena Community, we enjoy sharing in collaborative online learning 365 days a year with the 52 Weeks of Learning Challenge: 2018, as well as, by asking and answering questions.


How has online learning or Ciena’s online learning series impacted you professionally? Below are some thoughts on online learning from other members of the community. Add yours in the comments.


“In my current role, [Ciena online courses] helped me to perform my responsibilities and duties in a systematic approach. Ciena Learning wakes you up for a continuous learning process through collaboration and interaction with various people located in different regions. It motivates a lot to invest ourselves in continuous learning and with the latest trends & technologies.


I strongly recommend Ciena Packet Optical Course for those want expertise in Optical Ciena Packet Optical Product portfolio's.”




“Staying on top of new and evolving network technologies makes continuous learning a significant part of my job. I’ve found online learning to be an invaluable resource because I can work on a course no matter where I am. I really like the Ciena  courses because they give a detailed look at each topic and are divided into short chunks, making it easy to learn something new even when you only have a few minutes.”




"To get up to speed on networking I’ve been doing many classes online through learning sites and I was taking the free classes through the Ciena portal to try and learn as much as I can about the devices we run on the network. Online learning is still shaping me in my work position, probably on a daily basis.


If you think about it, how many times do you throw something in your search bar to answer a question? I also count reading through forums as online learning, and when they are work-related you can get away with browsing Reddit at work. Then I was a winner of the 52 Weeks of Learning Challenge through the Ciena Community! That means a year of learning access to ALL the Ciena courses. Although I have not dedicated enough time into taking the Ciena courses as I should, knowing that learning is at my fingertips through an online environment makes me know I can learn more skills to augment my job and myself."



Happy National Online Learning Day, Ciena Community!


We’ve enjoyed hearing what you’ve learned this past year with the 52 Weeks of Learning Challenge and look forward to hearing, and learning, more with you! Join our current This Week I Learned: September 7th thread to pass on the knowledge and stay tuned for a new thread every Friday.



Preview our Top 5 online courses to celebrate National Online Learning Day. 

1. Source: Grade Increase: Tracking Distance Education in the United States, Allen and Seaman