Community Happenings: Celebrating Online Learning, IT Pro Day, RPD, & More

Blog Post created by kupdike Employee on Sep 18, 2018

Hello, happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great start to your week!  Below is your update of what's been happening in the community over the past week. Please join us in welcoming new members to the community, celebrating those with one-year memberversaries, and joining the conversation with a new question, idea, like, comment, follow, or vote. Have a great rest of your week! 



Hello and Welcome

Please join us in welcoming our newest members to the Ciena Community! Welcome:  Ken Abel, Regdrick Banks, Matthew Bellamy, James Brantner, Johnathan Cain, Ramon Cano Gutierrez, Irwin Chan, jagadish chandika, Jeremy Cox, Ryan Day, Gregory DeRuyter, Alexander Duda, Terry Ellis, Thomas Fellenz, Emily Ferraro, Eric Goldberg, Hironori Hidaka, Martin Houle, Sreve House, Richard Jordon, JUN-IL KANG, Claire Marshall, Walt Morton, Mitul Patel, Jesse Perez, Lior Sharon, Luciano Siqueira, Nithin Sivapadam, Sanjay Vadakkedath, Tyler Wendleton, Princeton Wheeler, Peter Whettell, Bert Willems, and jabrane ziane!


We're so glad to have you and would like to extend an invitation to share something about yourself and your favorite Ciena products, as well as learn more about other members of the community on our introduce yourself thread!


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Of The Week


Happy memberversary to the following members celebrating their first year in the Ciena Community: Jeremy L Burhans, Ethan Cochran, Brian Cunningham, Zack Diamond-Phillips, Taryn Edge, Alexander Kravitz, john krier, Nick Lutz, tomer Manzur, Rüdiger Michl, Rafael Molina, Andre Quicheron, Diego Ramallo, Alex Rotar, Vladislav Shago, and Joost Witlox!



Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.





It's time for another round of I Love AcronymsBe sure to check it out and reply with what you think RPD means in telecom for a chance to earn points toward round three of 52 Weeks of Learning


Click the link to go to 52 Weeks of Learning Challenge: 2018 for more content and activities like this, and to see how you can compete for the opportunity to win a one-year subscription to the Ciena Learning Develop Series – more than 75 courses on Packet-Optical, Packet, and Software!


Visit I Love Acronyms: DP-QPSK to check out the correct answer and winners of the last round.



Today, September 18th is National IT Professionals Day! Every third Tuesday in September is dedicated to all you IT  pros out there who work hard to keep us connected. To celebrate, end-users can thank their IT heroes for all they do to make our daily lives easier whether it be for applications, devices, networks, security, or servers. To all the IT professionals in the Ciena Community, we hope you enjoyed your special day! 


Did You Know

Yesterday, September 17th, marked the 42nd anniversary of the day that NASA unveiled Enterprise, the world's first space shuttle. The big reveal was done before an excited crowd including several venerated cast members from the SciFi favorite, Star Trek. The Enterprise was originally set to be named The Constitution, but a write-in campaign from Star Trek fans convinced NASA and President Ford to re-name it.


Have a great week and keep networking!