Atlanta Hackathon - Day 3 - HumpYay!

Blog Post created by cboyles Employee on Sep 27, 2018

Typically, one falls in line with the hordes of heels and loafers shuffling their way into the office after doing mortal combat on the highways, and avenues of the town; dreading the day, but looking to get over the hump of hump day. 


But not this crew. No way. 


For the attendees of day 3 of the Atlanta Hackathon, today was HumpYAY!


Admittedly, I tend to arrive for events extremely early. Walking in this morning was no exception. I was pleasantly surprised that when walking past the snack lounge the parfaits and bagels had already been decimated. Every one of the customer teams was laughing, and working diligently on their projects. 


They had spent Tuesday positioning themselves to innovate, to renovate, to build. And they were deep into the process as I set up camp 45 minutes before the start of the day. Sipping on a cup of Peruvian Swift I couldn't help but admire the strategy. Get the bulk of the busy work done on Wednesday, and leave some breathing room on Thursday for extended testing, modifying, and enhancing. After all, projects are scheduled to be delivered at 9 A.M. on Friday. There can only be one winner. 


As much as I am lauding the day, the reality though is today was like any other development day. Teams build huge sections of projects. Every single team encountered obstacles. And true to form, instead of cresting the hill that is the obstacle of hump day code, they plowed right through the obstacles designing new procedures, work around's, and identifying new best practices. The projects would be made to participate in HumpYay.


Richard Genet and Chris Blackstone from the DevOps Exchange delivered an engaging presentation about how to use the DevOps exchange as a learning, and collaboration utility. They discussed how the exchange may be used to: 

  • Read news about developments with Blue Planet
  • Download Blue Planet Software
  • Collaborate with other Blue Planet Developers

The team also demonstrated how to use the exchange to: 

  • Locate and download technical documentation
  • Direct questions to Ciena or DevOps Exchange users
  • Search for how-to's and best practices docs

Richard also noted that a solid collaboration exists between the DevOps exchange, and Ciena Learning. The partnership between the two organizations creates a continuous stream of educational support for Blue Planet developers. 


Even discussing the challenges of the day with the teams, the participants were optimistic. They were jovial. They were smiling while interspersing discussions about their challenges with jokes and discussions about where to adjourn to have dinner for the evening. 


A few Ciena employees bid farewell and continued working late into the evening as a couple of dozen code rangers rode off into the sunset to enjoy some much earned barbecue, and to continue to cheerfully discuss their projects. 


Because developers gonna develop. 


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