Build Your Technology Foundation

Blog Post created by tcampagn Employee on Apr 20, 2018

Build Your Technology Foundation

In a technological environment where basic answers to questions are expected in minutes, not days or weeks, having continuous access to a resource for foundational knowledge is valuable. Whether you’re a novice wanting to get up and running; an ambitious professional looking to reskill, upskill or cross-skill; or an established expert testing the waters of a new career, building your technology foundation is essential to your success. 


Gain or refresh the essential building blocks of knowledge—such as core terminology, functions, and skills—before moving on to higher levels of learning. Basic technology courses are the perfect starting point to enhance understanding of core principles, products, and solutions.


Our free, self-paced courses are developed by the same experts who design our top-rated, instructor-led sessions. Get started with a trending technology topic:  An Introduction to Optical Communications, Ethernet Basics, and OTN Basics.


Expanding your basic skills and knowledge in different technology areas can boost your personal and professional marketability. Aside from having an easier time adapting to changing expectations, you will appear more attractive to almost every employer out there.  


Willing to share your knowledge? 

This week, we kicked off Round Two of our 52 Weeks of Learning Challenge with a new acronym. Three community members will have the chance to win a one-year subscription to the Ciena Learning Develop Series, which includes unlimited access to advanced online courses. Learn more about the challenge and read the rules at 52 Weeks of Learning Challenge: 2018.


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