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The Ciena Community Guidelines

Our community guidelines are a direct reflection of the Ciena core values: Customer first. Integrity. Velocity. Innovation. Outstanding people. We request that all Ciena Community members follow these guidelines in their use of the community to guarantee that it remains a place where we can all ask, share, develop, and connect together.


Things we encourage…


Asking questions.

We don’t think there is such a thing as a silly question or that one member should have all the answers. Most often if you have the question, there are many more of your peers out there, if not most, that have the same question or been in your shoes in the past. The Ciena Community is a judge free zone, so if there is something that you’re not sure about – please ask. The worst that could happen is you get an response and a solution to your question. 


Sharing your interests.

We want to know what you are working on, thinking about, and interested in learning. If it’s about your work, networks and it’s on your mind, we’re pretty sure it is also interesting to your peers. We look forward to hearing from you!


Helping peers.

The collective knowledge of the community is greater than a few select members. Help others by answering questions to share your knowledge, expertise, tips and best practices.


As the saying goes – you'll only get out of the community what you're putting into it. As you’re here asking your question(s) or searching for a solution, take the time to check out open questions and when you can, post a reply. 


Challenging others.

We all have different experiences, which leads to different opinions, and that’s a good thing. Disagreeing with another member's opinion or process helps us all learn and grow, but we need to do so in a supportive, respectable and non-confrontational way.  A good way to do this is prefacing in a way which leaves room for others to have different points a view – and can encourage additional dialogue.


Providing feedback and input.

The Ciena Community is just as much your community, if not more, so we want to hear your ideas and feedback regarding it. Would you like to see a new forum added? Is there something that you’d like to do in the community and can’t today? Would you like to receive more information about a specific product or topic?


It doesn’t stop there – we’d also love to hear your input around new programs and community initiatives. We’ll be asking, so don’t be shy. Your participation in the growth and future of the community is important to us as we want you to find success in using it. Join us in helping us make you successful.



Things we discourage…


Pitching products and solutions.

We’re all passionate about what we do and that is a great thing – we should love what we do. But, there is a fine line between helping a member answer a question and pitching them a product or solution from your company. Sales pitches are very obvious and typically not well received, so we ask that you please don’t do it. Lead with your knowledge, expertise and participation in the community – this will help you be more successful in your use of the community than selling.


All posts that include a pitch will be reported for abuse to be removed from the community immediately and are subject to editing or deletion. The community team will contact all authors of such posts through direct message to discuss the post and address any questions.


Harassing others.

Your opinions are always welcome, but personal attacks and harassment are not in either the community or through private messaging, including email. Each situation will be reviewed and necessary action taken to prevent it from occurring again, including a ban from the community.


If you have questions about the actions of other members of the community, or a member of the community team, please contact Ciena directly at


Sharing too much.

The Ciena Community is a primarily open, public community and as such, you should not post personal or confidential information in the community, including your personal home address, Social Security number and other personal information. It’s at your discretion to share your contact information to connect with another member offline.


In addition, you should not share your organizations intellectual property (IP) when engaging in the community. If you’re unsure whether it is something you can share or not, ask before posting.


Being reactive.

Text can be ambiguous and often seems ruder than the same words coming from an in person conversation. Without the tone, facial expressions and body language, it’s easy to jump to conclusions and assume that someone is being rude, condescending or harsh. Instead of reacting negatively with a response immediately that could spark an even more uncomfortable situation, please consider that what you read might not be what the author intended before you post a response or avoid it. Instead, ask the member to clarify on their post or focus on the facts they've shared.


If you do believe someone is intentionally being rude or it is a recurring situation, please contact the community team immediately at The Ciena Community team can help address the situation by taking it offline and taking the necessary actions to stop the behavior.



A few more things…

  1. Please understand and follow the Terms of Use.
  2. Ciena reserves the right, in its sole discretion to:
    1. Edit and / or remove any post containing or linking to material in violation of the Terms of Use or these Rules of Engagement
    2. Terminate the membership of any use that violates the Terms of Use or these Rules of Engagement


If you have any doubts about whether your post or link may violate these guidelines, please ask the community team at before posting. Please note that we reserve the right to remove posts that do not follow these guidelines. We may also edit or remove posts that have the potential to put privacy or security at risk or are a duplicate of another post.



In conclusion…

These guidelines are to help ensure that we all find value and success in using the Ciena Community. Should you have any questions regarding the guidelines, please post send a note to

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