When to Use the Right Content Type

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There are many different types of content within the Ciena Community and it is very important to choose the correct content type for your collaboration. Below are the main content types that are available as well as some additional content types that will be enabled in the future. Please note that not all members of the community have access to post all content types and it will vary by place.



A question can help you get a get an answer from peers and product experts. All members of the community then have the opportunity to respond to your question by sharing their experiences, expertise and tips to help.


Questions also allow you, the author of the question, to marking the response that helped you the most as a correct. Additionally, you, and other members, can mark all other replies as helpful. Only one reply to a question can be marked as correct, while many replies can be marked as Helpful multiple times. Learn more about marking replies.


Please note that moderators and administrators of the Ciena Community also have the option to mark a reply to a question as correct. We may give you time to select mark a correct answer or send you reminder note or message to mark a reply, or you may receive notification that a reply was marked as correct on your behalf.



A discussion can help you get feedback on your latest idea or assertion, for example “I’m preparing for an upcoming project and would like your feedback on my approach…” This kind of open-ended question or idea can encourage a good discussion in the comments, but there won’t be a comment with a Correct Answer as there is no wrong answer to this type of question.


Discussions can also be used to share your opinions on industry news or research. However, we ask that you please convey that it’s your opinions, share a link to the source, provide context and ask others to share their opinions too.


Should you accidentally post a discussion as a question out of habit, the Ciena Community moderators are there to help convert it to a discussion. We’ve got you covered!



Two types of documents can be posted to the community: a native, collaborative document that you write directly in the community or an uploaded file from your computer, such as a PDF, doc, xls, etc. Both are used to convey officially or factual information to the community.


Good examples of collaborative documents are how-to guides (such as this document), code samples and troubleshooting tips. Examples of uploaded files can include data sheets, whitepapers, case studies and application notes. 


All uploaded files have an option to download the file, while collaborative documents offer the option to attach a file for download.


Blog Posts

Similar to documents, a blog post is intended to convey information to the community. Unlike documents, a blog post is more of a story, opinion or thought leadership. Good examples of a blog post would be a summary of how a network project went within your organization, a deep dive on a product or feature set within that product to help educate users, or highlights of an event or class that you attended, led or spoke.



Polls are quick surveys that allow users to vote for one option that best fits the question posted by the poll. The strength of polls is their ability to make important decisions by simplifying the response to a single choice. Once the votes are in, the author of the poll can then see what decision needs to be made without having to sift through various comments and responses.



Events are used to create actual events, online and offline, in the community that you and other members can then RSVP or depending on the event type, register.



Videos can also be uploaded to the community for viewing and users have the option to comment on them or even download them to view offline when needed.



Similar to polls, ideas allow members to vote for (up) or against (down) on a feature request, feature enhancement or general network concept. Votes are counted to determine interest and overall support in the idea. Additionally, stages can change for each idea based on its workflow and interest.


To post all content types above:

  1. Login or Register.
  2. Navigate to the place you want to post the content.
  3. Select Actions in the place navigation bar along the right.
  4. Select the content type to begin posting. Please note that depending on your role in the community and the purpose of the place, you may not see all content types as an option.