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Document created by hausmus Employee on Mar 10, 2016
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At the top right corner of every piece of content in the Ciena Community, there will be an option to share the content. Share will also be available in other places in the community, such as your streams. Share is a great way to connect content to other users or other places.


Share with another Member

When browsing the community, you may come across a piece of content that another member, or a colleague, can benefit from. When this happens you’ll want to click the Share button and enter the user’s name into the field. You can enter as many member names as you want should you want to send it to more than one person. The share will be received by the other members in their Inbox, while it will also appear in yours.


Please note that the Ciena Community requires that both parties in share be following each other, so if you’re following someone but they’re not following you, you will receive an error message. The same will happen if you’re both following each other, but the other member does not have access to the content.


If you’re sharing with someone that is not a member of the Ciena Community, you can use their email address and they’ll receive a PDF copy of the piece of content. However, if you’re sharing a piece of content that the individual does not have access to or it requires being a member of the community, you’ll receive an error message letting you know that they do not have access.


Share with another Place

Sometimes content in the community is applicable to more than one place, so when this happens, it can be shared with another place. This will create a link to the content in that new destination place.


Users who have access to the original content will be able to see the links that are created, while users without access to the original file will not see the links.

This allows you to distribute content throughout the community without duplicating the content. There is only one source versus multiple.