Receive an answer to your question? Mark it as Correct or Helpful

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When you receive answers to help solve your question, you can mark them so they are easier for other members to find. Additionally, you can encourage and recognize helpful community members.


Correct Answer

When you receive a response to your question with the solution to your question, you can identify it as correct by selecting the Mark Correct button within the reply.


Only authors, and community moderators and administrators, have the option to mark comments and replies to a question as correct and only one response to a question can be correct. Until a comment is marked as correct, a Mark Correct button will appear as an option in all replies to a question. However, once a comment is marked, the options will no longer be available and the correct reply will now show an option to unmark it as correct.


Helpful Answer

There are times that there are multiple replies to a question that offer a solution or build up to one solution, or members have replied to your question offering help but their replies didn’t include a solution and you want to thank and recognize them. Marking such replies as helpful is a way to spotlight those that help address the question and also, thank and recognize the members that took the time to help you.


To mark a reply as helpful, select the Yes after Helpful and the star icon in the lower right corner of the reply. All members of the community have the option to mark a reply as helpful, including the reply you may have marked correct. So, even if you didn’t ask the question and find a response to it helpful, you can also mark the reply as helpful! When a reply is marked as helpful, the author will receive a notification.


All helpful answers are flagged as helpful at the bottom of the original question and within the reply under Outcomes. Click the Helpful (#) flag under the question to view and select a comment to read it.


The next time you receive a response to your question, please mark the responses as correct or helpful.

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