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Document created by hausmus Employee on Mar 10, 2016
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When other members of the Ciena Community post a question and you have the same question, there are multiple ways to follow the conversation and receive notifications on resolutions and tips and tricks posted to it.


I also have this question

As you’re reviewing new, open questions in the community and come across one that is something that you’re interested in receiving responses and learning the answer, select the button I also have this question button in the lower left corner of the question. By selecting this button, you’ve indicated that you want to receive notifications when new comments are posted.



Follow the question in Inbox to receive updates on new comments being posted to the question. To follow a piece of content, select Actions > Follow > Inbox. By following the question in your inbox, you’ll always be able to refer back to your inbox to review the comments posted.



Post a comment to the question sharing that you have the same question are interested in learn more too. This does three things:

  1. Automatically you to receive notifications on any new comment posted to the community.
  2. Bumps the question back up into the activity stream to get more views and potentially, a faster response.
  3. Let’s the author the question know they are not alone in not knowing the answer… it’s sometimes, or always, nice to hear that you’re not alone and helps develop relationships.