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Here's a guide to understanding the icons you'll come across throughout your use of the community.


C-badge.pngCiena Employee

Recognize Ciena employees throughout the community by this icon. It will appear next to member names as they participate and contribute content, such as answer questions, and on their profile.


Hover the icon and it will show "Employee" to communicate that any user with this icon is an official employee of Ciena.

Question.pngQuestion (Unanswered)

If you, or another member, are looking for a definitive answer, a question is the best content type.

The icon indicates new questions that have been posted to the community or open questions that don't have a correct answer marked, but may have helpful answers.


Learn how to ask a question.

Answered Question.pngAnswered Question

Questions in the community that have received a response that contains the answer and it's been marked as correct will display this icon.


Receive an answer to your question? Mark it as Correct or Helpful

Discussion (1).pngDiscussionDiscussions are reserved for more open-ended questions that are looking for best practices, tips, opinions or advice and won't have one correct answer, but many helpful and insightful responses.
Status Update.pngStatus Update

Status updates are a great way to work out loud (wol) and share what you're currently working, a favorite quote, an upcoming event you're attending  (or hosting) and new content in the community.


You can post status updates on your Activity page and view other status update there too. Learn more about status updates.


Documents are meant to be used for reference, i.e. product information, instructions, etc. Within a document, you can find attachments for downloads too.

Uploaded File.pngUploaded File

In addition to creating documents within the Ciena Community, files, such as PDFs, can be uploaded. Depending on the file type, the icon may change to show that the file is a PDF, PPT, DOC, etc.


All uploaded files can be viewed in the community and downloaded.

Blog Post.pngBlog Post

Blogs are typically the content choice for making announcements, sharing an opinion, summarizing an event, or highlighting or pointing out new people, places and content in the community.


Follow the Ciena Community blog at About the Ciena Community for highlights on what's new in the community.

Video.pngVideoA form of content that has been uploaded or embedded as a video file. Watch the video in the community and then comment, like, bookmark or share with others.
Event.pngEventStay informed on upcoming events and RSVP to attend - or register to attend. You can also download it as an entry to your personal calendar.
Poll.pngPollA way to share your opinion on a question with a larger audience. Make your vote count by voting community polls.
Idea.pngIdeaA type of content where you can suggest an idea, such as a feature request or enhancement, and others within the community can vote for it. As an idea gets more votes, the more points the idea receives to indicate interest.

Similar to folders, categories  help organize content in a forum based on a product, feature, topic or classification of community content. As you create content in your forums, select the most relevant category before posting.


Learn more about using categories.

@mention (1).png@mention

Throughout the community you'll see references to the @ symbol. Select it to mention a person, place or content in the community to create an active link and / or notify them that you're referencing or calling attention to them, their content or a piece of content. You can @mention when creating new content or posting a comment or reply.


How to make shout outs to people, places and content.



A tag is a keyword that has been identified by the content creator as being helpful when searching for a piece of content. Add tags to content before posting it in the community.


Details on tagging content.


You can help improve the popularity of a piece of content liking it, in addition to communicating to the author of the content that you've read and value their contributions to the community. Popularity of content in the community helps determine whether a piece of content is promoted in certain places of the community and in search.


More information on liking and rating content.

Comment - Reply.pngComment / Reply

On most content within the community, you'll have the option as a registered user to add a comment or reply. To post a comment or reply, select this icon and / or the words comment and reply to share your expertise, experiences, opinion and support.


Share your knowledge and expertise.

Actions.pngActionsOn all content within the community, you'll find the actions icon in the upper right corner. Select it to find a collection of actions that you complete on the content, such as follow, bookmarking and more depending on your role within the community.

As you come across important information in the community that you think you'll reference multiple times or in the future, bookmark it to your profile. Once a piece of content is bookmarked, it will then appear in your search to quickly navigate to it when you need it.


Begin bookmarking important content.




All places with the Ciena Community are known as forums and there are two types of icons you'll see on selectively throughout the community. You'll also see references to them as a space or group, but know that we refer to all as a forum.


Browse all community forums and find yours.

Profile.pngProfileAs people are @mentioned in the community, you'll see the profile icon appear next to their name. This icon indicates that the link will take you to that individuals profile. Click the icon and link to learn more about the community member.
Announcement.pngAnnouncementAnnouncements are an effective content type used to communicate important information and get people's attention. Posted at the overall community level and at the individual forum level, announcements appear at the top of the home page or forum until the messaging is expired. Announcements can also be found in your inbox and recent activity.
Direct Message.pngDirect Message

As you start making connections in the community through follow, you'll see the option to send messages. The message icon will display as an envelope on the home page activity stream and in your inbox, but only you and the others on the message (including community administrators) will be able to view the message.


Learn how you can begin making connections.

Inbox Notification.pngInbox NotificationWhen you have something in your Inbox for review, this icon will appear as red and show a count of the total number of items you have pending review. Click the icon to navigate to your Inbox to review and take action on it.


Please note that the availability to create and publish different content types will vary based on role and content forum settings throughout the community. Should you have any questions about content, ask in About Ciena Community or contact your forum Facilitator.

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