Ciena Emulation Cloud: Offline Lab Data With MCP API

Idea created by gauravparas on Sep 3, 2018
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    Problem Statement: - CEC Lab is available Only for 8 hours per day and its resets often so users need to create same configuration again while start working on Lab.


    Idea Outline: - We have created an offline utility which saves the configuration of current lab in form of JSON database on POSTGRESQL. This utility works on API as described with swagger document. Some silent feature of this utility is as following.

     1.Automatic Authentication: - We have taken care of authentication portion of so user only needs to give latest lab password and rest of things are taken care inside

    2. We have two type of deployment available 1> Docker 2> Single server

    • Docker having its own POSTGRESQL where as on Single server you need to install it by your own
    • User can also work offline on POSTGRESQL SERVER and its own services and later can push to lab as API Requests.

    3. This eases users to practice and provision their configuration when Lab session is not available.

    4. This also elaborate API configuration of MCP in Plain Structured format which can be used for integration with other Analytics tools like Informatica and BI Analysis.


    Source Code: -


    Current Status: - Right Now We can perform following operations using above code base.

    1.       Connection to scheduled lab
    2.       Data download from following as JSON format to POSTGRESQL Database.













    >Additional Parameter needs to be added


     NOTE: - User needs to add equipment id as <id> Parameter to make data offline available


    Reference: -


    Upcoming Development: - 1> Airflow Integration of MCP-API-Automation to "one-touch" MCP configuration Backup and Restore with API Interface.

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