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Is there a configuration guide or examples specifically for static MPLS-TP tunnels?   The MPLS Configuration Guide for SAOS 6.17 provides examples of individual commands but no complete multi-node example for static tunnels.
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You’re never too old to attend Space Camp. Join Ciena’s rocket scientist network specialists for an interactive mission to explore where no network has gone before. You’ll benefit from our laser-focused experience—giving you what it takes to plan, build, transform, and jet-propel your network into the final frontier. Webinar Date: July 24…
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6500 Raman card NTK552JA, for the performance of ORLIN-OTS and ORLOUT-OTS, what exactly the physical port to check fiber if having low value?   When having alarm of 'Low Optical Return Loss at Output', which fiber to check? on port 7 or port 8? although alarm is against 7, but as ORL alarm normally is reporting on input, then should we check… (Show more)
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Is there a way to check standby SP-2 card software release on 6500 14/32 slot shelf? for example, we put a higher 12.0 version SP-2 card (NTK555FAE5) into the standby SP slot of 32-slot shelf (running with 10.12) slot 42, assuming the new SP-2 card will be downgraded to 10.12 release automatically, but want to know  how to confirm it's been… (Show more)
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I have a vendor installing equipment in our building and the only thing he has provided is the following...7 slot Ciena 6500 DWDN . Question: What is the exact model and can I get the technical specs ? I need to verify power requirements and RU foot print in the rack
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Hi, I'm once again pleased to introduce another CSNE Lab Configuration Guide is now available (restricted access).   Abstract 6500 Release 11.1 L2 services across MPLS-TP and G.8032 This document provides the necessary steps to provision L2 services across MPLS-TP and G.8032 rings on 6500 Release 11.1.   Download   If you don't have access to… (Show more)
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“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” John Wooden   That is the great thing about working in the tech industry. No matter how much time one spends with a product or a technology, there is always something new to learn. It's exciting to know that any day of the week, we can pick up some literature, read a blog, see a technique,… (Show more)
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i have ciena done 6500 installation and commisioning and upgradation how i to know each ports of working MLA OTR100G and SFP 
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Happy Monday!! We have a new acronym this week AND we're kicking off round three of 52 Weeks of Learning where three more members will have a chance to win a one-year subscription to the Ciena Learning Develop Series. With no further ado, our new acronym is:    ZTP   How to Play  To join the challenge, select Add a reply and post your answer for… (Show more)
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Ok we have a nice core deployment of 6500 in place.  We have built our core around 10 gig or 100 gig transport but sales has continued to get queries and request for one gig OTN services,,, I have filled most of my 32 slot 6500 shelves so what is the/would be my best approach to handle one GIG OTN services and push them across the 6500 core? 
in Converged Packet Optical
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