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Hi,   Hopefully someone can assist.  We're being advised that the NTTP86AA (8.5G-10.52G multi-rate XFP 850nm MMF) will work with a 8Gb Brocade/HP FC Shortwave SFP+ (AJ716B).   It was our understanding that we would need a different XFP module in the 6500 chassis to be compatible with the 8Gb Brocade?   If this is correct can anyone advise of… (Show more)
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Ready to test your telecommunications terminology knowledge? Our new acronyms is:   ATM   Again, we know you can do a quick Google search, browse the official Ciena Acronym Guide, or even a shout-out to a colleague or friend, but we know you know this without them. Join the challenge and share what ATM represents by selecting Add a reply to post… (Show more)
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What is difference between the  Optical amplifiers used in Submarine technology & Terrestrial Technology. Is there any difference at the terminal Station.Please share any specific Document available
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The Ciena Community Rewards program recognizes the generous contributions made by members like you through a combination of points, badges, levels and much more.   As you contribute to the community, you earn points and badges for each action, or group of actions, completed. There are several ways to earn and track points and badges and in this…
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We have 4200 DWDM device in our network and Gbe (Optical Gbe interfaces) are connected to our switches using fiber cable.   I just to know that which port from Ciena box is connected to our switch. Is there any command where I can find the mac address of these optical interfaces so that I can then search in my switches based on mac-address table.
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This is a question to query the community on their experience turning up OTS links. I have been presented with the following testing criteria. First, all links will be tested by provisioning channels 1 and 88 and performing a 72-hour test on them. Testing multiple OTS links at once and 1&88 at the same time are allowed. Once completed, we… (Show more)
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Hello,    Can i find Ciena node/card specs compatible with the below SFP:   OPTICAL TRANSCEIVER/TRX SM CPRI 614.4-2457.6Mbit/s (SFP-Module, SM,   8km)   thanks in advance, Mohammad
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We ran into a broadcast storm issue last week that took us about 3 hours to trace back to a customer that was spewing into our network through our device connected to their network. The way it was ultimately found was by a few devices that had broadcast-containment on them and following the packet dropping backwards while adding more filters on… (Show more)
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