Welcome to the Emulation Cloud Forum

Discussion created by tpearson Employee on May 13, 2016

This forum is designed to help Emulation Cloud users collaborate and connect with other users of Emulation Cloud to ask questions, share knowledge and provide feedback, tips and best practices on getting started. It will also connect you with members of the Ciena team, who will be monitoring the forum to provide guidance and information.


To get started, introduce yourself to the others in the Emulation Cloud forum. Log in, or register, and copy and paste in your comment to this thread know something about you.   A couple of suggestions are:


  • Your current role and how long you’ve been in the network industry:
  • One challenge you face now that you want the Ciena Community to help you address:
  • Who are three people that you’d like to meet  in real life or some other fun fact about yourself that you’d like to share (favorite hobby outside of work is often an interesting one):