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When configuring traffic profiling, what formula do you use to calculate PIR, CBS,and EBS?

Question asked by msids on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by nkalra

The one example in our network that I have to go off of is for a 20m connection:

traffic-profiling set port 1 mode standard-vlan classifier-mode wide

traffic-profiling standard-profile create port 1 profile 1 name PORT1-VLAN302 cir 20480 pir 21504 cbs 256 ebs 256 untagged

traffic-profiling enable port 1

traffic-profiling enable


CIR seems obvious - 20Mbps = 20480.  PIR appears to be CIR*1.05 in this example.  Does that sound like what others are using?  How are conform burst and extended burst calculated?


Any good resources for this are appreciated.  Would be neat if Ciena provided some calculations the way Cisco does on their website.


Thanks for your input.