Secret of VC Statistics Tx/Rx counters

Discussion created by nkalra Employee on Aug 3, 2016
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So once we reserve the resources for VC statistics on the specific platform, while sending the traffic on either side we expect to see the Tx/Rx counters under VC to increment according to the traffic flow. But we need to make sure we have all cards correct before we expect both counters to increment according to traffic flow.


But there are some properties of Tx counter to increment based on the traffic profile. Tx counters under VC stats will not increment in following cases:


1) Unknown Unicast packets or stream.

2) Multicast packets or stream.

3) Broadcast packets or stream.


So we should create the traffic profile in either direction to facilitate mac learning i.e., the SA and DA sent in one direction should correspond to the SA and DA (but swapped) being sent from the other direction. This will increment Tx counters under VC stats.


Rx counters under VC stats will increment if the frames received on the NNI having correct VLAN to correspond to VC.


I hope it helps.