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OM3500 Packet Edge Config

Question asked by optomon on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by margarita.giraldo

Please ignore - turned out to be an inconspicuous issue on our test set.  Apologies if anyone wasted any time contemplating it. 




Hi Folks,


Going back in time a bit here, but wondering if anyone has some insight on configuring a packet edge (4x100BT) card on an OM3500.  I have that terrible feeling I'm overlooking something very simple but I'm prepared for the embarrassment for the sake of a solution!  Tho, I'll admit, the complete ins and outs of Ethernet isn't my forte.


Problem is that the LAN links will not come up.  (seems simple, right?)


  • PEC is NTN433BB
  • One card on each of 2 separate shelves (simple P2P fibering)
    • Dual port Ethernet test set - one link to each card's port 1
  • the card's internal loopback test passes for both WAN and all 4 LAN ports (for all cards I've tried)
  • WAN link up, packets flowing - all good here
  • followed all basic config procs but starting to wonder if something is conflicting somewhere
    • both cards on same IPT ring
    • both ports on same transparent domain
    • auto-neg disabled (not an option on the card),etc, etc  -

Too many parameters to list here (to verify), so I'm starting with more of a general question about common SNAFU's anyone might be familiar with w.r.t. these cards, or if you've had any similar experience, what was the problem/solution?

I've verified test set, cables (tried straight-thru & X-over) and tried enough cards (and different ports) to be reasonably confident that they're not ALL defective!  Seems it must be card config and/or test set config / compatibility, but I've been through a long list of scenarios to no avail.


Sorry for such a generalized question, but thanks for any insight,

- GM