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How do I get NCP communications up on a CoreStream?

Question asked by optomon on Dec 16, 2016
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Hi all,

I have a Ciena Sentry 1600+ shelf (CoreStream I believe?) that I am trying to set up to a base functionality level (for now).  I am able to connect to the DB25 craft port with a terminal.  The only response I can get out of it is ‘NCP communications down’.  The shelf contains a few optic cards and a Shelf Manager with 5 'RJ45' ports, one of which I believe is a serial port as well (also tried, but get gibberish at virtually any port setting).  My understanding is that NCP in the Ciena world means ‘Nodal Control Processor’.

 - What do I need to get the NCP communications up on this shelf?

        - different/smarter Shelf Processor?,  (name?, part #?)

        - I/F to a host controller of some kind?  (name?, part #?)

        - Proprietary S/W at the terminal/PC?   (GUI?, name of s/w?)

        - combo of some or all above?


Also have a (bare) Multi-wave 4000 shelf - wondering if this is (or can be) used in conjunction with the Sentry, and if so, how?, or what dependencies do they have on each other ('loosely speaking' or vague ideas are acceptable!).  




P.S. Ciena documentation access attempts are pending, but was hoping to get a quick reply to get started...