Use of Mac-Validation parameter during RFC 2544/Y.1564 Benchmark Test

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Today we will discuss the brief of mac-validation parameter during RFC 2544/Y.1564 tests, its need, default setting and other related information. Mac-validation parameter is used on the benchmark reflector side.


Till SAOS release 6.15.0 on SDS (Service Distribution switches), benchmark reflector used to reflect the unicast test traffic which is destined to only its benchmark MAC address. But few customers wanted to relax the binding of test traffic reflection with benchmark MAC address. So here comes the need of mac-validation parameter on benchmark reflector from SAOS 6.15.1 and above.


Mac-validation default setting is set to ON which means that system still would validate the incoming test traffic to match the destination mac with benchmark mac before reflecting the test traffic back to benchmark generator. Now user can change the mac-validation parameter to OFF, which would mean that now any unicast test traffic(with non-matching destination mac address from generator side) would be reflected back towards generator.


So this parameter provides the provision to user if he chooses to match or not-match the test traffic's destination mac-address with benchmark reflector's mac-address. 


Mac-validation can be set to ON/OFF with benchmark mode = Out-of-service (OOS)

Mac-validation can be set to ON/OFF with benchmark mode = Vid-out-of-service (VOOS)

Mac-validation can be set to ON with benchmark mode = IN-Service (IS)


Mac-validation set to OFF in vid-out-of-service (VOOS) mode will only reflect the test traffic for particular VLAN configured to be reflected back. It would reflect all the unicast test traffic for configured vid without matching test traffic's destination MAC address with benchmark MAC address on reflector side.


Mac-validation is only supported as ON in in-service (IS) mode because in this mode it is expected to send out test traffic and customer data traffic at the same time so only test traffic whose destination mac-address matches with reflector's benchmark mac-address will be reflected back. All customer traffic would still egress on the customer side ports.


Mac-validation set to OFF in out-of-service (OOS) mode will work in the same way as defined for vid-out-of-service (VOOS) mode but the only difference is that OOS mode also supports reflection of any VLAN. If this is configured then all unicast test traffic of any VLAN will be reflected back towards generator.


Some CLI snippets on SAOS 6.16.0:


5160-34*> benchmark reflector show name refDefault

+-------------- BENCHMARK Reflector Config and State Info --------------+

|       Parameter       |          Value                                |


| ID                    | 1                                             |

| Name                  | refDefault                                    |

| Mode                  | vid-out-of-service                            |

| Port                  | 1                                             |

| Generator Vendor Type | other                                         |

| MAC Validation        | off                                           |

| Admin State           | enabled                                       |

| Oper State            | enabled                                       |

| Local MAC Address     | 00:23:8a:9a:af:f5                             |

| Test Instances        |                                               |

|         Configured    | 2                                             |

|         Enabled       | 2                                             |

| Bandwidth Available   | 10000.0                                       |

| Hardware Sessions     |                                               |

|         Free          | 124                                           |

|         Used          | 4                                             |



+------------------ BENCHMARK Reflector Test Instances ------------------+

|                   Name                   |   State    |   vtag-stack   |


| refTestDefault                           | reflecting | 502            |

| refTestDefault1                          | reflecting | untagged       |





Hope it helps.