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This is a question concerning Trap Events generated via 'port disable/port enable' on port 3/1 of a 4-port LAG on a CN5150.

Question asked by fvalcho on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by fvalcho

I am using SAOS, MG-Soft as the MIB Browser to look up the OIDs generated, the tcpdump diag-shell command to capture the FILE.pcap file for examination in Wire Shark.

The 5150 sends SNMP Events to the ESM, which in turn sends the Trap to the Trap Server. SYSLOG has been verified as being received as sent to the appropriate SYSLOG server directly. I'll get a confirmation from SNMP Trap servers next.

My issue is that the sniffer PCAP file reports that OIDs do not exist: "unresolved value, Missing MIB".


What is wrong here? PCAP attached.