Who Inspires You?

Discussion created by onixon Employee on Feb 8, 2017

Who  inspires me. That’s a tough one. Truth is, I am inspired by a lot of people all the time. I love hearing about the ‘mothers of technology’ - like Hedy Lamarr, screen icon by day,  conceptualizing the idea of frequency hopping by night, or Ada Lovelace, developing an algorithm for computers before they even existed. But these stories also remind me of the great many ladies excluded from advanced education and denied the opportunity to excel.
Hedy Lamarr

Obviously there are amazing tech people who develop novel ways of doing things and lead businesses that change the way we live today, and their stories are all amazing. I admire Sheryl Sandberg, named 5th most influential woman on the planet by Fortune. OK, I still need to read "Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead" but no doubt she is making an impact.



I also like unplanned, accidental journeys, such as Caterina Fake’s - she studied art and English before moving to San Francisco and combining artistic training with an interest in computers to become a pioneer of graphic design and blogging in the late 1990s. She is now an entrepreneur, designer and businesswoman; founder of Flickr, Hunch, and Findery; supporter of Buzzfeed and Uber before they became famous;  and chairwoman of the Etsy board.


While a few famous women are well known, we are still very underrepresented – Susan Wojcicki,  CEO of YouTube, highlighted in a recent blog that,  even as market forces are transforming industries to favor technological skills, women only hold 26 percent of all tech jobs.


So it would be great to share more of these stories. Who inspires you?