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What is the exact use of 6500 Site ID?

Question asked by jli_2016 on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2017 by lyepez

Trying to understand the use of Site ID on 6500, I know we have to use non-zero to configure OTS etc., but what exactly the use of Site ID? When we have to use same Site ID and when must not use same site ID?

In photonicLayerGuide, found the following:

Colored System SPLI operational considerations
The following considerations apply to SPLI used in colored systems:
• the SPLI feature only works between shelves of the same Site ID
• the same Site ID exchange Service and Photonic layer information

Looks we have to use same Site ID if they have photonic layer connection, and SPLI is only for local to use (have same site id), right?

On OneControl, any restriction on use of the site id? can we use same site id at two different location?