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All traffic filtered by broadcast containment filter

Question asked by iboje on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2017 by hausmus

Hi everybody


This question may be a little outside of the box, since I'm not really the owner of the equipment.  My service provider has a 3916 attached to our equipment.  We noticed lower than expected throughput on this service.  Working with the provider's support, we were able to determine that the broadcast containment filter appears to be dropping all of our traffic above roughly 2.5M.


This raises the question - Is there something that could be causing all traffic (not just broadcast) to be treated as Broadcast, even when it doesn't appear to be?  Has anyone else had this issue?


I'm not able to obtain the configuration of the provider's equipment, and they don't seem to be making any progress on correcting the issue.  We've already replaced our equipment, and tried testing with a minimal configuration (a laptop directly).


Thanks for any help.