Do you love your job?

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Do you love your job or do you need to rekindle your romance?  Here are a few tips to help you fall back in love:

1. Love for your work is often directly connected to your relationships with your coworkers.  You might not love all of them, but think about who goes that extra mile, regularly makes you laugh or helps you work through tough projects?  Give them a thank you or buy them a coffee.


2. Consider how your body feels.   You might be out of love with your job because your physical body is suffering and that's affecting how you experience everything.  Add a little physical activity this week.  Take a walk, do some exercises at your desk - break the sitting cycle.


3. Consider your Purpose.  The tasks and projects that you are jazzed about are inherently connected to your personal sense of purpose.  Bring these into greater awareness.


Can you offer any other tips for happiness at work?


Full Article:  http://wotc.crn.com/article/to-know-this-job-is-to-love-it-rekindling-your-romance-with-work