Confidence vs Competence

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Why do women believe they need 80% of a skill set before they will apply for a job where men believe that they only need 50%?


I recently came upon  the concept of Confidence vs Competence from Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, authors of The Confidence Code.    What struck me was their collection of scientific research that have found that confidence matters more than competence in promotion, salary and leadership in a community.


Women typically put their heads down, play by the rules and work harder.  By doing this, we expect to be rewarded and that someone will notice how wonderfully competent we are.  We have been so focused on being competent, that we haven't worked on being confident.  When you don't have confidence and belief in your abilities, you are not taking risks or advocating for your ideas. 


Confidence is about action.  You get confidence by doing.  Every risk you take, you build up your confidence.


How do you build your practice of confidence?


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