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OME6500 can't pass traffic

Question asked by m7mad on Apr 15, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by liryc1208

Hello all,


 I've a serious problem regarding OME6500 node, it looks like it can't pass the traffic as i tested with PCM tester on looped E1 , and i've replaced the aggregate card(as fed from Ciena support !!) with no luck, even when i disconnect the fiber it didn't report the LOS alarm !!

could you please help if this related to XC card or something else ? as this node is critical(services, sync) it looks like it can't accept new connection !! but the existing cons. before i notice this problem they were working fine?


Note: the node has low order bandwidth near limit ?!! but the VT2-AVAIL are 837 ?!! please advise as still we don't receive the correct answer from support team!!