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OM6200 MS-SPRing synchronization

Question asked by mgk042059 on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by jroberts

I've inherited a situation that needs to be resolved with regards to synchronization on an OM6200 (3) node, (2) fiber STM64 MS-SPRing. Currently "Node A" has only a single nominated timing reference as STM1-1-4-1. SETG status is "locked". QL Mode is "disabled", Node minimum quality level= "PRC". Node B settings are identical ( SETG status is also "locked") except the only nominated clock source is STM1-1-2-1. Node C has no clock source nominated and is currently "free running". The Data Path Mode on all nodes are SDH. At this time, BITS does not appear to be an option. I'm a bit perplexed because I referenced 009-6200-310 procedure 4-1 and it indicates that an STM-1 source is only an option on the 2.5G/ 15G MRO XC packs. All three nodes in this case are deploying 60G MRO XC packs. I just wanted to open up a dialogue and see if I could get some assistance and gain some insight to how best to time this ring properly without causing loops or other issues. I can provide more information when a dialogue is opened...