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Blank configuration when issuing 'config show'

Question asked by kendali Advocate on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by hausmus

I'm noticing this on a couple of my switches, notably today a 3920,... they have  a blank config. I typically find it when I see my Solarwinds config backups are spitting out config files with a 0kb size. When I log into the switch it is running as expected, but if I issue 'config show' nothing happens. It just gives me another prompt. I can make config changes, but I would assume my config save probably isn't doing much in the long run.


Is there a way to fix this without affecting service? 

If I do a software show, it shows the correct last configuration file (name of device).

If I look at the files in the config folder it shows both the correct named file and startup-config

If I do 'config list' I show both the files and the default load and save are the same one I would expect, device-name.cfg