Ciena Recognized as 2020 Women on Boards Winning ‘W’ Company in 2016

Discussion created by jhobbs Employee on Apr 21, 2017

We’re pleased to share that in 2016, Ciena was recognized as a 2020 Women on Boards Winning ‘W’ Company. Ciena received this recognition for its commitment for maintaining a gender diverse board of directors in 2016 and having 20% or more of board seats held by female directors.


Ciena is one of 702 companies in the 2020 Women on Boards database of 1,745 to achieve this recognition.


Started in 2010, 2020 Women on Boards is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the representation of women on U.S. company boards. The 2020 Women on Boards campaign goal is to increase the representation of women on boards to 20% by 2020. Focusing on educating all people on the importance of this issue, the campaign aims to redefine what is successful corporate governance and gender diversity standards and create a cultural imperative for corporate action.


Women@Ciena encourages gender diversity by encouraging women to take the steps necessary to make the most of their careers; from onboarding new talent, coaching and mentoring to career planning, development and progression, as well as help women the executive level. Thus, it is an honor to be recognized by the 2020 Women on Boards.


Join the Ciena Community and the Women@Ciena forum to join the conversation and share how we can help 2020 Women on Boards reach their goal. 842 companies in their database still only have one or no women on their board. What best practices or advice can we share with women of those organizations to create change?