I Love Acronyms: HBOS

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I am happy to announce Leonardo Jose Yepez  got last weeks acronym HSN correctly by identifying it as "Hierarchically Synchronized Network". Points also go to Chris O'Rourke for the most creative answer for “Habitually Slow Network”.   That is definitely the biggest nightmare when you are trying to score that special set of Huggable Hangers in fuchsia.  We got a lot of other good answers. Some of them may also be also correct so we are going to check them out and update our acronyms guide if they if appropriate.


 So are you ready for this week’s acronym? In the theme of entertainment:


High Bandwidth Optical Services

... and we don't mean all the HBO channels – by the way a little HBO trivia: HBO is distributed in 152 countries and was launched in 1972.  That's before I claim to be born!


The correct answer will be shared in an upcoming Community Happenings. Good luck!


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