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After firmware Upgrade, 10G optic not unrecognized?

Question asked by kendali Advocate on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by fvalcho

Last night we upgraded one of our core 5150s on our 10G ring. It was the first big test for firmware We are making a huge leap from 6.10.x to this version. 


We had lost management (that silly bug) and I had my tech start by rebooting the switch physically. All came back up, the three 10G ports were happy. I then issued the software upgrade, service-disrupt yes command. On reboot, two of my 10G ports came back up and the third did not. 


'port xcvr show' gave me question marks across the board on it. Not to lie, slight panic ensued. We tried bouncing the port, no luck. Had the tech get back into the cabinet and reseat the optic. The port came back up. Big sigh of relief and we were sure it would be some weird brand of optic that was uncertified - nope, it was a Ciena brand, certified optic.


Wondering if anyone else has come across this? We were planning a HUGE network outage Monday night to start upgrading and I'm leaning towards this was just a fluke. I really don't want to make my tech drive all over the county reseating optics.