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Link Budget Calculation for DWDM

Question asked by tony1986 on May 28, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by sonunsr

Does anyone know the link budget calculation for DWDM?


I have the following configuration:

  • 4 Sites each 25 Km apart
  • 3 type of services - 1G, 10G and STM-1 over 2 Wavelengths
  • 1G and 10G services are aggregated to 100G & transmitted in 1 wavelength'
  • STM-1 is tranmitted in seperate wavelength'
  • Using 100G Motr card and OTN Flex Motr Card
  • MLA is NTK552BAE5
  • Link losses are considered at 16 dB each link


Does anyone have a basic sheet which will tell us the parameters to be considered in link budget, especially for calculation OSNR margin?


Also, please specify how do we calculate the total OSNR available in a link.