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Command file keeps trying to upgrade software

Question asked by kendali Advocate on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by fvalcho

We went through our big upgrade of our core last week with no issues. I also upgraded all the command files for zero touch provisioning. This could be a result of the new software version, but I've never seen the following syslog message before:

Jun 1 10:03:51 [local] 10.x.x.x 00:03:18:xx:xx:xx NETAA5_CN5150_883 SWXGRADE-4-SOFT_MGR_CMD_FILE_FAILED: chassis(1): :Execution of command file Ciena/cmd/CN5150/ from TFTP server 10.x.x.x failed: service disruptrequired


The command file is set to action of 'Upgrade', has the latest software version on it and service disrupt is set to 'No'.


I'm noticing this is happening a LOT and on all devices who got I was under the impression that the cmd file would only run on a dhcp renewal, which these all have reservations and they would not be renewing every day, multiple times a day. What am I missing? Maybe I'm using the action wrong and it should be something else? 


*Edit* I just looked at the Syslog some more and this is happening on only ONE device. We upgraded like 40 switches. Even more odd....